Mirii Dreaming Map Magnets Series 3 Rainbow

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Mirii Dreaming Series 3 Rainbow


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The Mirii Dreaming Collection is a series of colourful paintings representing 4

aspects of nature in its different forms – Water, Earth, Rainbow and Fire.

The Dreaming is considered to be a personal spiritual encounter within

oneself and the one who created the land, sea, sky, past present, future and

all living things.

Jennifer’s interpretation of aspects in nature through the Mirii Dreaming

Collection is captured in her art by a colourful display of patterns and unique

designs inherited from her aboriginal culture.

Jennifer was born in Townsville and is a descendant of the Waluwarra tribe

located near Mt Isa (North West Queensland). Jennifer is a self taught artist

who began painting at an early age. Jennifer uses painting as a form of


Her art takes on themes of spirituality, rainbows, the sky and the sun which

you’ll be able to visualise through her artwork. Each piece of Jennifer’s art

tells a story and though this Jennifer hopes it will inspire the world in a

positive way.

Jennifer Kent signs her work as “KENT” and receives Royalties for the sale of

each Mirii Dreaming product sold. This product is 100% painted, designed and

made within australia.

‘for me, painting is very

spiritual & therapeutic’

-Jennifer Kent

Magnets are sold in packs of 10, on a black hang sell backing card.

Backing Card is 10cm x 11cm

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