Mirii Dreamtime Collection Stubbie Cooler S1 Fire

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Mirii Dreamtime Collection

S1 Fire

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The Mirii Dreaming Collection is a series of colourful paintings representing 4

aspects of nature in the forms of – Water, Earth, Rainbow and Fire.

Mirii is an aboriginal word meaning ‘star’ and the Dreaming is interpreted as

being a personal spiritual encounter inside of oneself with the Creator of all


Jennifer was born in Townsville and is affiliated with the Waluwarra,

Kalkadoon and Mitakoodi tribes of North West Queensland. Jennifer began

painting at Shalom Christian College in Townsville when she was 12 years old

and developed her natural talent over time.

Jennifer shares stories through her contemporary aboriginal art style and

hopes to make the world a better and more beautiful place.

The Mirii Dreaming Collection encapsulates a colourful display of creative

aboriginal cultural techniques, that represent aspects of nature, and have

been uniquely designed by Jennifer in conjunction with Memories of Australia.

Jennifer Kent receives royalties for the sale of each Mirii Dreaming product



Mirii Dreamtime Stubbie Coolers

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