arthur conlon small

Arthur is an Aboriginal Artist from the Wakka/Kulilla people of Cherbourg in Queensland.  He is 1 of 14 children and a member of a much larger, extended family.  Arthur started painting from the age of 9 by studying the skills of his uncles.

Arthur completed Yr. 12 at Murgon SHS and became a teacher aide and went onto serve in the Australian Army for 10 years.  Arthur is now a successful self-employed artist.

Arthur has business interests covering wholesale networks of supplying Indigenous artwork to business throughout Australia and internationally, and producing his own line of materials for clothing lines.

Arthur is one of many Indigenous Artists painting for Australian Authentic Dreamtime Art and continues to enjoy the exposure this gives him.

Australian Authentic Dreamtime Art feature products that are painted by genuine Aboriginal Artists, each with their own individual style and story.