danielle skeen
Danielle Skeen

Danielle R Skeen is an Australian Aboriginal from the Birri-Gubba & Kuku-Yulanji tribes of far North Queensland. She is the youngest daughter of Joshua K Skeen, who is the youngest son of Aboriginal elder, Joseph I Skeen (Senior).

“Aboriginal art and artefacts have been a constant throughout my life as my father and grandfather have made a living out of producing authentic Aboriginal artefacts and artwork not only to provide for their families but also to keep our culture alive.

I intend to follow in my elders’ footsteps to ensure that their legacy lives on through future generations.”

Danielle Skeen is one of many Indigenous Artists painting for Australian Authentic Dreamtime Art and continues to enjoy the exposure this gives him.

Australian Authentic Dreamtime Art feature products that are painted by genuine Aboriginal Artists, each with their own individual style and story.