jason douglas portrait

Jason is a Murri Man, whose people belong to the tribal lands of the Kabi Kabi of south-eastern Queensland, including Noosa. His father, Michael Douglas is Traditional Owner/ Native Title Kubi-Kubi.

Jason is an artist. Through various creative mediums including painting and other forms of Aboriginal art, he connects and educates others about Indigenous culture. He has extensive experience mentoring and supporting the Indigenous community in their employment journey. His ability to listen, connect and engage enable him to plan and lead tailored workshops, cultural immersions and school programs.

He has also dedicated 12 years of service as a firefighter with NSW Fire and Rescue at Penrith. Jason enjoys participating in education programs in schools and communities teaching about Aboriginal culture, art, history and the Dreaming. 

Jason is one of many Indigenous Artists painting for Australian Authentic Dreamtime Art and continues to enjoy the exposure this gives him. Australian Authentic Dreamtime Art feature products that are painted by genuine Aboriginal Artists, each with their own individual style and story.