joshua skeen sm
“Painting for me, is a way to keep our culture alive”
Joshua Skeen

Josh Skeen is from the Australian aboriginal Birri-Gubba & Kuku-Yulanji tribes in Queensland. Australia. He is the youngest of 13 siblings of 85-year-old Aboriginal elder, Joe Skeen Senior.

“I’ve been making boomerangs ever since I was 10-years-old. I watched my old man (Joseph) make them and I have been around them for a long time.”

Joshua’s father Joe Skeen is widely acknowledged as one of the best and most experienced Aboriginal boomerang makers in Australia. Joe Skeen was taught by his father and grandfather over 71 years ago and still makes boomerangs using traditional Aboriginal techniques and designs. Joe (Senior) has passed on all his experience to his sons including Josh who works alongside his famous father making boomerangs every day.

“My paintings are painted using both modern and traditional colours. Black, representing the people, Red which represents the earth, yellow which represents to sun and White which represents life”.

Joshua is one of many Indigenous Artists painting for Australian Authentic Dreamtime Art and continues to enjoy the exposure this gives him.

Australian Authentic Dreamtime Art feature products that are painted by genuine Aboriginal Artists, each with their own individual style and story.