lionel phillips
“What I paint is knowledge and experiences passed down to me from my heart, with all my feeling.” – Lionel Phillips

Lionel Phillips is from the Waradjuri Tribe which is in the central west and the bottom right of the border of Victoria, it is the biggest populated tribe in Australia. The Waradjuri Tribe has (170) or more small tribes within the one and Lionel’s is the Wungunja Tribe.

At the age of 11 years his mother sent him out to learn from the elder Tommy, with whom he spent many hours, days, months and years before Tommy passed into the spirit land and is still going guiding Lionel through his dreaming.

Lionel has been painting, lecturing, teaching and exhibiting all over the world for 40 years. He has lived on the Gold Coast for 3 decades and has a great relationship with many elders on the Coast. He is also a finalist in the 2022 Art Lovers Australia Prize.

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