Steve was born in Brisbane and raised on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. He is a descendant of the Bundjalung Nation and of the Yaegl people from Yamba in New South Wales. Steve’s Aboriginal name is Nunuryar which means ‘this is mine’.

He is a self taught artist and has been painting for over 25 years with formal art training from University. Steve enjoys painting fine art and loves the Australian bush. He gains much satisfaction in reproducing flora and fauna on canvas, pottery, woodwork and stone.

As a customer of Australian Authentic Dreamtime Art you have purchased products from our extensive range. Within that range we feature products that are painted by genuine Aboriginal Artists. As you have purchased an original piece of art we welcome you to get to know the artist on a personal level. The following information has been compiled as an artist profile and gives you the opportunity of familiarising yourself with the artist’s individual style, thoughts and origin.